Become. Inspire. Empower. (Thoughts Of A Praying Man)

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Thoughts Of A Praying Man is a book series that illuminates the power of transparency, vulnerability, dialogue, sincere intention, emotional intelligence, and passionate empathy.

Become. Inspire. Empower. is a glimpse into the life experiences of Curtis Walls teaching practical philosophies to win in life. Some will gain resourceful tools, perspective and confidence. Others will revitalize their spirit becoming comfortable being uncomfortable. It's a book of hope and perseverance. It speaks to the process and importance of creating goals, expectations and accountability.

This book and series will help you move towards your greater purpose. You are not alone. You are not the only one who has been defeated or impeded, but the difference can be this: Are you one of the few who will not let adversities define their destiny? Become. Inspire. Empower. is the process that turns winners into champions! It is the process that can teach the world how to intentionally become better. Let this literature remind you it has always been YOU vs YOURSELF! #WeGotGoals

Curtis Walls is an Amazon Best Selling Author who is known as a Modern Day Renaissance Man. He is a husband, father, business owner, business consultant, retired professional athlete, NASCAR Pit Crew Sports Performance Coach, NASCAR driver fitness trainer, Co-Founder and former 10+ year Executive Director of a non-profit. Curtis is a leader who aims to create vision, value and connection. The Thoughts Of A Praying Man brand has become a lifestyle for him and others to follow. He hopes you enjoy the journey.

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