"The brand brings a sense of pride and confidence that anyone can appreciate. I can only be at my best when wearing @BecomeInspireEmpower."
- Ricky Rozier

"BIE is great reminder for all of us to make sure our daily walk aligns with our purpose!"

- Bre


"B.I.E. means to me, the evolution of life. In life we go through multiple phases and transition towards our life goal(s). This clothing line exemplifies just that, Black Excellence. Through the process of Becoming, to then Inspiring and ultimately Empowering those around you! That's the type of legacy I aim to lead and is why I love the @BecomeInspireEmpower brand."

- Alex Wiggan


"I support the message...it legit applies toward a great deal of my journey. It also has inspired me to share more of it with friends who may not be fully aware and other(s) who may benefit from my testimony."

- Micheal Stanley


"Man the main thing I really enjoy is the message behind the clothing. I think all of us are on a personal journey to truly BECOME who we are meant to be personally, and spritually."

- Mike Farmer