By embracing evolution, we shift the mindset of what GROWTH & IMPACT looks like, set the bar for BECOMING our true selves, and believe INSPIRING & EMPOWERING others is our LEGACY!

From Our Founder, Curtis Walls:

Never intending it to be publicly embraced, and after reflecting on years of journaling my goals in 2006, I realized there were three words I used over and over again - BECOME. INSPIRE. EMPOWER. (B.I.E.).Through this reflection, it became obvious that my journey was being defined by this ever-evolving process, and immediately I adopted B.I.E. as my personal mantra.

A few years later, I invested in a screen press machine for my non-profit summits that served over 300 boys in the Greater Charlotte community. After finishing all of my printing for the summits, I wanted to continue making good use of my machine. As a daily reminder of what matters most - growth and impact - I decided to put my mantra on a few shirts. I knew it would provide me a level of accountability and purpose in my day-to-day walk.

I remember the first few times wearing the shirt in public. Every time I wore it, I received a compliment or a request to purchase. I immediately realized this is a brand that people just got AND wanted. From that point, the brand grew and evolved into what we see now. 

What I love most about Become. Inspire. Empower. is its evolution as a brand. B.I.E. came from an intimate, sincere and intentional space. This isn't a brand you wear to just-be. It is a brand you wear to make a statement. It's a brand you wear in the journey of becoming your best self - our truest self.

We believe BECOMING is a lifestyle.

We value exceptional customer service and we welcome you to the international family!

We are your everyday reminder of what matters most - GROWTH & IMPACT!

Thank you for shopping with us!