Become. Inspire. Empower.

Welcome to the family.

Become. Inspire. Empower.

BECOMING is an ever-evolving lifestyle.

Become. Inspire. Empower.

Along the way we will INSPIRE those near and far.

Become. Inspire. Empower.

But once we've accomplished what we've set out to do, pay-it-forward and EMPOWER others.

We are a brand specializing in inspiring and empowering YOU to BECOME a champion in life.




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Becoming is an ever-evolving lifestyle and relentless pursuit. During this journey we will INSPIRE those near and far. As  we accomplish goals we’ve set out to do, pay-it-forward and EMPOWER others. 

Success is not an option and it demands vulnerability, commitment and investment.  Everyday, with our brand, you’ll be reminded that greatness exist within us all! #YouVsYourself


"The brand brings a sense of pride and confidence that anyone can appreciate. I can only be at my best when wearing @BecomeInspireEmpower."

Ricky R

"B.I.E. means to me, the evolution of life. In life we go through multiple phases and transition towards our life goal(s). This clothing line exemplifies just that, Black Excellence. Through the process of Becoming, to then Inspiring and ultimately Empowering those around you! That's the type of legacy I aim to lead and is why I love the @BecomeInspireEmpower brand."

A. Wiggan

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